My experience with Nicole as my coach has been extremely positive and uplifting. Nicole has helped me to find clarity and light in areas that I have struggled with for many years.


Nicole has managed to help me pin point problem areas so effectively and quickly, which has allowed me to work on ways to shift negative patterns that have been so detrimental, which in turn has created space for me to be freed from the rubbish and reconnect with myself.


Nicole’s amazing mix of strength, sensitivity and empathy, has made this part of my journey so powerful. It has been the most effective approach to putting me on the right track to mending my mind and in turn my soul. I am thankful for it being my time to change and I’m SO thankful to Nicole for guiding me!


‘Well done Nicole for delivering such an inspirational workshop on “body image and perfectionism” a very sensitive subject for all us women today.

The night was delivered by Nicole with pure authenticity from a place of working with women for 25 years. She added her thoughts, inciting discussions with some coaching thrown in, that had us all leaving the evening with a fresh and different outlook.

No judgement just thought -provoking content and debates. She is a great host and presenter.’


Nicole helped me to see the world differently and realise how I perceive things is my choice. She gave me tools to use in everyday life to equip me to make better choices and to tackle situations with a clear calm mind. Most of all she empowered me to be the best version of myself and to celebrate all the things we take for granted. Thank you Nicole x 


I am so happy to have you as my coach. I learn a lot, our conversations are very expansive for me and you are a fantastic bottomliner - and articulater of what is going on! This Heart is a heart of repect for your depth ❤. I cherish the space you create for me to learn! 


With love and respect! 



I first met with Nicole in September 2018 with the aim to help me to understand and process a daunting life change... the start of a divorce. 


Nicole has guided and supported me through what should have been a horrendous time. It has been awful in parts but Nicole has kept me focused and on track. 


Nicole has helped me to uncover what is important to me and stay true to my values at all times. 


The fortnightly sessions are invaluable. Nicole digs deep to find my focus for each session. This has provided clarity and often a change in focus on priorities. 


I honestly do not know if I could have dealt with the divorce without Nicole’s support and guidance. I have new found confidence in my abilities and find strength in staying true to myself.