• Nicole Goodman

10 year challenge

what would you say to the woman you were 10 years ago???? the woman above, a young mum, no wrinkles, naive for what’s to come, stepping into the unknown, is happy, content and doesn’t overthink life, life’s been good to her and vice versa.... the woman below, now a mother of 2, has a few more wrinkles and a heart thats full of wisdom, tears and laughter. She knows the ups and downs that life offers, she’s experienced grief, immense love, crippling anxiety and has looked into the depths of her soul and chosen who she wants to be....The woman above is a happy go lucky hairdresser, working in tv about to set up her own business, praying it works out, but really just wants her family to grow and thrive...the woman below is a powerful coach, aware of her purpose, her impact...The woman above is light, easy and doesn’t take life too seriously. The woman below knows how precious life is and the beauty that now surrounds her, is a gift and a credit to who she is as a woman. The woman above looks admirably at the woman below and the woman below does the same... the woman above says “I’m looking forward to becoming you, I know there’s struggle and heartache ahead and I also know it’s gonna take that to become the woman I’m meant to be”.... the woman below smiles and says “enjoy the innocence, the natural peace that lives within you, because in a few years time, you’ll have to fight for it” .... I’m so proud of both these women!!! the woman below is a product of self development, self awareness, hard work, motherhood, marriage and drive! The woman above doesn’t need for all these things yet!!! If I was to go back to the woman 10 years ago and give her some advice, it would be this... “find more gratitude... embrace every moment with your kids, as they are always fleeting and it goes too quickly... love yourself fiercely, even in moments when it’s hard to like yourself. Believe in yourself always, cos if u don’t stand in your own corner, no one else will, stand tall in who you are, know and trust your own mind. Be firm with your integrity and firm with your parenting. Live a life of value and meaning and teach your girls to do the same”

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