As a certified CPCC women’s identity expert and coach, Nicole Goodman creates a safe space for women accept themselves, understand that they are enough, own what they really want, and celebrate their choices through each phase of their life. Nicole understands a woman’s process as she’s worked with women one-on-one for over 25 years. She understands how women feel in today’s world, where they struggle, and more importantly, how to change the conversation into what they really want and who they are.


As the host of podcast FEMALE-ING, Nicole helps women get real and honest about who they are, where they are and realize their self-worth, putting them back in charge of their lives. Before working in coaching, Nicole had a successful career in hairdressing, owning her own salon and working on primetime television shows. She is continuously inspired by her two young daughters as they head into womanhood to make the path easier for them and all women to accept themselves, understand themselves and be themselves. 

Training Qualifications & Experience

  • ACC Co-actice coach

  • CPCC Co-active certified coach

I have coached many different people facing different challenges, such as:

  • Self Belief

  • anxiety

  • stress

  • relationship coaching

  • Work-Life Balance

  • body Positivity

  • self confidence

  • career coaching.


Nicole Goodman | Womens Identity Expert | London


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